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The granular system I swore I’d never touch turned out to be the missing half of my paperless equation

Line drawing on a partial blue background of a hand holding an iron, ironing a piece of paper with a Johnny Decimal number on it with other text. The iron has some steam coming from its tip.
Image by author

When I first saw people feverishly setting up their Johnny Decimal number catagories and evangelising about the benefits, I was intrigued.

I have to say, I wanted what they had: the sense of order, the neat rows of numbers, the library-like efficiency of it all.

They’re not the only clever…

I’m a 7-day veteran of the Series 7; it’s been a (mostly) wonderful week

Diagonally placed Silver Apple Watch with Silver Milanese Bank on a flat, black charging pad, with the current time and charge level visible.
Oh, you beautiful steel wrist adornment, you! Not just a pretty face. Image: Author.

Ah, the Apple Watch! The device I never thought I’d own because I didn’t want to be connected all the time, and because I was worried about EMFs. Or thought I should be. But I’m now wearing one, so apparently I’m not really concerned about them at all. Let’s hope…

Hate against the notes app is real, but I think it’ll be short-lived

Exit sign with white lettering on a red background, suspended from the ceiling of a public room
Photo by Kayla Speid on Unsplash

Notability has just announced they’re moving to a subscription model, the brave souls.

They initially offered 1 year of full access to all features for current app users, after which they’d revert to the free plan, which doesn’t include syncing between devices or handwriting recognition. When the grace period was…

It might be overkill, but 18 apps and that scrumptious screen leave me little choice

Side perspective view of a MacBook Pro sitting on a shiny dark reddish brown piano
One of the desks in my work-from-home setup. Image: author. Picture on laptop: Image by…

No one was more surprised than me to discover that, even with a 27 inch iMac at my disposal, I’d rather use a laptop full-time. Yes, even an intel laptop with sucky battery-life.

All that iMac screen real estate couldn’t compete with the glorious freedom of being able to work…

It can’t replace my laptop, but it does make it insanely more productive

Blank ink illustration of a gardener standing on green grass, watering a tree constructed of iPad app icons
Oh, what a lovely productivitree! Image created by Author from Apple App Store icons, gardener…

I love my MacBook Pro and my iPad Pro 12.9" and use them daily for creating and consuming. They’re both powerful, capable and a pleasure to use, but only one could comfortably be my primary machine.

Sorry, iPad darling. You have many, many strong points, but you just weren’t cut…

Ellane W

Graphic designer and educational publisher for more than 30 years. Part-time teacher, full-time light seeker.

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