The Paper Saver Notebook Is the Ideal Obsidian Companion

Paired with the Rocketbook app, it’s analog + plain text heaven!

Ellane W


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What’s the best way to use paper with a digital productivity system? That’s the question I’ve been trying to answer for the past month.

My research led me to the Rocketbook, which seems to have some remarkably dedicated fans, so I checked it out. It’s a fantastic concept, I was really impressed!

Rocketbook Notebook

The Rocketbook is —

✅ Slimline
✅ Filled with reusable pages that make it economical over time
✅ Bound with a sturdy coil
✅ Equipped with an app that makes it easy to send scans to location/s of your choice

But —

❌ You can only write in it with Pilot Frixion pens
❌ If a page gets wet before it’s scanned, your work is lost forever
❌ It’s not easy to use your own templates (although you can draw some with Sharpie pens)
❌ Those expensive pages can be easily ruined by ignorant souls with regular pens

After a day of research and soul searching, I knew the Rocketbook would be fun to use, but not the long term solution I was looking for. That list might look like a 50:50 split of pluses to minuses, but no matter how cool the positives, the negatives are things I could handle in short bursts, but not in my everyday carry notebook.

Paper Saver Notebook

Enter the award winning Paper Saver: “The world’s only notebook designed to reuse paper as pages and reduce waste.”

The Paper Saver is —

✅ Nicely compact
✅ Well made, comes in a variety of colours
✅ Great for reusing paper otherwise destined for the trash
✅ Ideal for adding your own templates



Ellane W

Designer and educational publisher for 30 years+. Plain-text advocate. Still using paper, but less of it.