What’s In My Bag — Bellroy Mobile Office and EDC

Free to wander, free to roam; free to move around my home!

Ellane W
6 min readSep 9, 2023
Two bags and their contents are spread in a grid formation on a multi-shade grey laminate floor. There’s an aqua drink bottle, iPad Pro, MacBook Pro, various cables, notebooks, and personal items. The full list can be found in the article itself.
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Several years ago I untethered myself from the standard desk and chair setup I’d been using to run my business for nearly three decades. Best choice ever! Almost as life changing as switching to the northern European tradition of using separate covers for both occupants of a double bed.

Now that I’m free to flit from room to verandah to library to beach, a compact mobile office is a necessity. I need a Mothership: a bag to hold my MacBook Pro 16 inch, iPad Pro 12.9 inch, battery backup, charging cables, drink bottle, glasses, and other bits and pieces. I also need an Explorer Pod: a smaller bag for every day carry (EDC) essentials that fits inside the Mothership.

Goodbye heavy backpacks, wicker baskets, and plastic crates — the Bellroy Tokyo Totepack is here! Mine is the larger size, in (now discontinued, but totally awesome) charcoal. It’s a strong and practical Mothership, and I’m very pleased with the way it keeps things both organised and easy to get at.

My last EDC was a Saddleback Leather EDC Satchel, but I quickly found that it couldn’t hold all the things I wanted always with me. And while it’s pretty, it’s also significantly heavy for what it can’t hold. I’ve replaced it with the…



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